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What is TalentPlus?

TalentPlus supports businesses like yours in identifying the best entry-level tech talent and leveraging our database of talented young individuals to contribute to your organisations’ tech team growth.

What We Do

Talent Acceleration: We make sure that our candidates match both the soft and technical skill requirements of our partners by choosing technical training partners carefully and ensuring that our Talent goes through an in-depth career acceleration program that has been designed to ensure job readiness.

Market Experience: TalentPlus Partners get the chance to upload case studies or challenges that are shared with our students. This allows them to solve real-life problems and ensures that they are an easy fit for your organization.

How It Works

Step 1

Skillup talent go through a Tech Career Accelerator

Step 2

We pre-vet talent and give members access to profiles

Step 3

Members can share job roles they seek to fill and will receive a shortlist with the most suitable candidates, which can then be interviewed

Step 4

Once a Talent is hired, Skillup is notified and PayGo clients pay the commission

Strategic Partners

Where Our Talent Works


What is TalentPlus?

TalentPlus is a membership driven talent network powered by Skillup Africa. Its goal is to ensure a sustainable tech talent ecosystem by aggregating and sustaining a rich pool of entry level and intermediate tech talent.

What type of organization can use TalentPlus?

Any organization wishing to hire entry-level or intermediate tech talent from Nigeria should become a member of the TalentPlus Network.

How do you source your talent?

Our talent is selected from qualifying beneficiaries across the various skill development financing options provided by Skillup. Qualified talent from our network of training partners who meet the eligibility criteria into the Skillup talent accelerator program are also admitted.

Does my company have to be based in Nigeria?

The world of work has evolved, many organizations have developed a structure for remote work, thus using our service is not location dependent.

Does TalentPlus manage talent for members?

Talentplus is strictly a matching platform. Once a shortlist is established, members are responsible for managing talent outcomes. Should there be additional services provided by our service partners, we will communicate the process to our members with applicable details.

What Tech skills can I find in the TalentPlus pool?

Our pre-vetted talent pool is a mix of individuals with varying skills in the software engineering  value chain. They are either entry level or intermediate level talent.

What is the maximum number of talent I can interview per role?

Our talent is pre-vetted – with a confirmation of skill level and expertise. Clients are allowed to shortlist a maximum of 15 candidates per role. If for any reason you are not able to select anyone from the initial shortlist an additional shortlist for the same role can be created for a fee of N50,000.00 / $75.

Do you take any referral fees or discounts from the talent?

TalentPlus does not charge the talent once the shortlist is completed. Talent keep their earnings 100%.

Can I retain talent details after interviews?

TalentPlus members only have basic access to all available talent and get full access to the shortlist. All available talent information is strictly for hiring purposes, members may not use talent information for any other purpose. Please refer to our Terms of Use.

How is membership processed?

Once you sign up to TalentPlus, you will receive an email confirming your subscription to PayGo for a three month trial period. This email will also include a link to upgrade to any of the premium packages.

How is payment processed?

Prospective members will have an option to pay via our secure online payment channels or  bank transfer via displayed account details. Members will have the option to set up an auto debit for renewals and ad-on services to avoid service disruption.

What is the TalentPlus refund policy?

An organization shall be eligible for refunds, if they have not utilized the service within three months of payment. Such refunds shall not exceed 50% of original fee paid.

Resolving User Issues?

We are committed to ensure that TalentPlus is operating with minimal to non-existent downtime for members. However, there might be situations where members find it hard to navigate the platform, or encounter payment issues. In situations like this, kindly follow the navigational prompts or contact our support team on hello@skillup.africa.

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