Skillup Talent Plus

Skillup Talent Plus

What is Skillup Talent Plus?

Skillup Talent Plus supports businesses like yours in identifying the best entry-level tech talent and leveraging our database of talented young individuals to contribute to your organisations’ tech team growth.

Our Process

Talent Acceleration: We make sure that our candidates match both the soft and technical skill requirements of our partners by choosing technical training partners carefully and ensuring that our Talent goes through an in-depth career acceleration program that has been designed to ensure job readiness.

Market Experience: Skillup Talent Plus Partners get the chance to upload case studies or challenges that are shared with our students. This allows them to solve real-life problems and ensures that they are an easy fit for your organization.

Skillup Talent Plus Partners


What is Skillup Africa?

Skillup Africa is an impact investment platform that allows Africans to invest in developing top tech talent in Africa.

Skillup Africa allows Africans to:

  • Invest in Africa’s Human Capital: Building a sustainable African technology talent pool, capable of servicing local and global markets.
  • Reduce high unemployment rates: Transforming unemployed / underemployed youth into highly sought after talent and reducing imminent security risks posed by high unemployment.
  • Increase the earning power of the individual beneficiaries: Building individual Prosperity that leads to national economic development.

Why Skillup Africa?

By 2030, there will be a global shortage of more than 85 million tech workers, representing $8.5 trillion in lost annual revenue, according to US-based management consulting firm Korn Ferry.

This is a huge opportunity for African countries to leverage their huge youth population while ensuring participation in the knowledge / digital economy, which is critical for sustainable economic growth across the continent.

How does Skillup work?

The Skillup Africa Talent Fund seeks to offer individuals and institutional investors the opportunity to fund the training of tech workers (developers, data scientists etc.) by investing into the Skillup Africa Talent Fund that disburses student loans to applicants. Currently we strategically focus on working with businesses through L&D and CSR Initiatives, institutional investors and NGOs through grants.

The Student loans we provide cover:

  • Course Fees for Course at one of our Training Partners
  • Career Services & Soft Skills Training provided by Skillup Africa
  • Laptops for the trainees (if required)
  • Access to Skillup Alumni Network
  • Access to Skillup Mentor Network
  • Moratorium to cover training period and 12 week period to find a job

Our impact is focused on:

  • Nation Building
  • Digital Economy Readiness
  • Sustainable Tech Talent Pipeline Development
  • Building Prosperity
  • Reduction of Unemployment

Does Skillup give scholarships?

Skillup Africa is not a Scholarship Program. We only offer student loans intended to help graduates under 30 years who cannot afford to pay for a short or medium term tech focused training course that will aid them in developing skills required for a career in tech.

Who can apply?

Anyone who fits the below criteria can apply: 

  • You must be under the age of 35 (EXCEPTION: if you have prior work experience and are transitioning you must be 35 or younger)
  • You are currently employed in a non-tech industry, unemployed, underemployed  or in transition
  • You are a resident of Lagos State, Nigeria
  • You possess a track record of excellence, tenacity, and integrity.
  • You are a fast learner with the determination to be excel, work hard, and make an impact
  • You have either a Higher National Diploma(HND), Bachelor’s Degree, or Masters Degree.
  • You have completed NYSC or have an Exemption Letter or exclusion letter.
  • You have at least two credible Guarantors who are willing to vouch for you
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